How to setup your iOS Device for Exchange

Here are some quick and easy steps to getting your iOS mobile device to serve you up e-mail from your company’s Exchange ActiveSync server. You can use this method with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running OS 2.0 or higher. For those running iOS 4 or better, your device can actually sync with multiple Exchange ActiveSync servers!

Preparing your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Before you begin to configure your device for Exchange ActiveSync, it's best to perform the following steps to ensure the greatest level of success:

  • Install the current version of iTunes and upgrade your device to the current version of iOS.
  • Back up the contents of your device. (You will have to connect it to iTunes, first.)
  • Be sure that you are connected to a relaible network (3G or WiFi).

Configuring your device for Exchange ActiveSync

Tap Settings on the Home screen.

Then, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


Once you are in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap Add Account...

Next, tap Microsoft Exchange.

Now, enter your Exchange account details.

  • Your full e-mail address.
  • Leave the Domain blank, unless someone from Systems Engaged instructs you to type something in this space.
  • Type your Username. This is the very same username you use to log on to your PC account at the office. It's also often the part of your e-mail address before the @ sign.
  • Enter the password you use to access your e-mail using Outlook Web Access. Normally, this is the same password you use to log on to your PC account at the office.
  • Modify the Description to something that makes sense to you  such as "Office Mail".

Tap Next and your device will attempt to "auto-discover" the rest of your Exchange server's details. This process can take a while if your network connection is poor or unusually slow.

If the Exchange server's name is not automatically discovered, it will fail and ask you to provide the Server name. This is almost always the same as the address of your company's OWA Web address. That's typically owa, followed by a period and the part of your office e-mail address following the @ sign (e.g.,

Tap Next and the phone will attempt to verify the settings you entered.

Tap Done and your device will finalize its settings and return you to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu. Your device will immediately communicate with the server and begin synchronizing. Expect a short delay as the items make their way to your device.

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